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Saluton! ...Why am I speaking Esperanto? O_o Anyway... I'm Katie! Or Atagamay. Whatever you choose!

First off, this community has Beakman's World and Bill Nye in it's interests. Any community with that boon is great in my book! ^_^

Second off, I've been into science since I was... Well, however old I was when I could read and think real thoughts and stuff. Probably around three or so. I guess that makes me a fourteenth-year nerd veteran. Dang. No wonder I'm so crotchety... O_o

My favorite sciences are astronomy, cryptozoology, botany, physics (I'm bad at math, though.), technology/mechanical typer stuff, and chemistry. Especially small-time kitchen chemistry. With baking soda, vinegar, instant coffee, food coloring, cornstarch, and whatever else I could get my grubby little hands on. That was my childhood pastime... but yeah, I'm not that biased, though. I like all science. It's fun! X3

Aside from science, I have many other steriotypical nerd interests. Anime, video games, sci-fi, reading, language... All that good stuff! ^_^

So yeah. Hihi to you all, and enjoy your investigating!

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